(from One New Man Bible translated by William Morford)

Pesach (Day 1)

12:37. And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides children. 38. And a mixed multitude also went up with them, and flocks and herds, very many cattle. 39. And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough which they brought out of Egypt, for it was not leavened because they were thrust out of Egypt and could not tarry, nor had they prepared any food for themselves.

12:40. Now the stay of the children of Israel who dwelled in Egypt was four hundred thirty years. 41. And it was at the end of the four hundred thirty years, even the selfsame day, it was that all the hosts of the LORD* went out from the land of Egypt. 42. It is a night to be guarded, never forgotten, to the LORD* for bringing them out from the land of Egypt. This is that night of the LORD* to be observed by all the children of Israel in their generations.

13:3. And Moses said to the people, “Remember this day on which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage, for by strength of hand the LORD* brought you out from this place. There will not be eaten any leavened bread. 4. This day in the month Aviv you came out. 5. And it will be when the LORD* brings you into the land of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Amorite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite, which He swore to your fathers to give you, a land flowing with milk and honey, that you will keep this service in this month. 6. Seven days you will eat unleavened bread, and in the seventh day will be a feast to the LORD*. 7. Unleavened bread will be eaten seven days, and no leavened bread will be seen with you, neither will there be leaven seen with you in all your quarters. 8. And you will show your son on that day saying, ‘This is done because of what the LORD* did for me when I came out of Egypt.’

9. And it will be for a sign to you upon your hand and for a memorial between your eyes that the LORD’s* Torah (Teaching) may be in your mouth, for with a strong hand the LORD* has brought you out of Egypt. 10. You will therefore keep this ordinance in its season from year to year.”

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(from One New Man Bible translated by William Morford)