The One New Man Bible

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“[Bill Morford] has uncovered things that will literally make your understanding of the scriptures go to a whole new level. He has recaptured the Jewish roots.”

Sid Roth

Founder, Messianic Vision

“I recently received a copy of the One New Man Bible which has a very strong Jewish influence and  I found the Jewish translation agrees with me or rather I agree with it. If you’re looking for a Bible with a Jewish perspective, then this is the one!

Chaim Bentorah

Hebrew Scholar, Chaim Bentorah Ministries

Knowing my desire to understand Scripture from the Hebraic authors perspective, my daughter purchased a copy for me years ago. I was truly blessed when I was given permission to solely quote this version in my book.

Rhonda Archer

I got my One New Man Bible in 2012 and I LOVE IT. It’s very enlightening to get an understanding of the culture of the day it was written, and what Y’shua meant when He said certain things that aren’t used in today’s vernacular.
It’s very meaningful and eye-opening to learn the meaning of things like “the eye of the needle” and “healing in His wings” Malachi 4:2 (the “wings” of His talit, called the hem of his garment in the KJV. Matt 5:21. It opens a whole new understanding of Christ our Lord and integrates the New Testament Messiah with the Old Testament prophesies of Him.
Several of my friends have purchased their own ONM Bible after hearing me explain how meaningful I’ve found this Bible in my study of The Word. I encourage everyone to get a copy of this great work.

Nina Burkhadt