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Quotation and Usage

The One New Man Bible text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic or audio) up to an inclusive of five hundred (500) words, without express written permission of the publisher, True Potential Publishing, providing the words quoted do not amount to a completed book of the Bible and do not comprise twenty-five percent or more of the total text in which they are quoted.Notice of copyright must appear as follows on either the title page or the copyright page of the work in which The One New Man Bible is quoted: “Scripture taken from The One New Man Bible, copyright © 2011 William J. Morford. Used by permission of True Potential Publishing, Inc.”When quotations from The One New Man Bible are used in non-saleable media such as church bulletins, orders of service, newsletters, projections or similar media, a complete copyright notice is not required, but “The One New Man Bible” must appear at the end of each quotation.Permission requests for commercial and non-commercial use that exceed the above guidelines must be obtained, in writing from True Potential Publishing, Inc. PO Box 904 Travelers Rest, SC 29690. www.onenewmanbible.com

What font size is the One New Man Bible?

The font size is 11 point Times New Roman.

Is there a large print version for the One New Man Bible?

No, there is nothing in the works for large print at this time.

Is there a paperback and hardback version of the Bible?

We currently offer only the synthetic leather cover and e-version editions.

What is the One New Man Bible made of?

It is made of synthetic leather (polyurethane). It is not bonded. It is maroon colored with gold foil embossed lettering. It is gilded edged with gold. They are all individually shrink wrapped.

How many pages are in the One New Man Bible?


Do we offer any discounts on the One New Man Bible?

Please check the product page for discounted pricing.

Is the Power New Testament within the One New Man Bible?

Yes. The New Testament is within the One New Man Bible and is an updated version of the Power New Testament. The only other difference is that in the Power New Testament the names are in English and in the One New Man Bible the names are in Hebrew.

What is included in the One New Man Bible?

It consists of the Old and New Testament as well as weekly Torah readings. It also lists the Prophets and Writings. The names are in Hebrew. There are also references at the bottom of the pages. It includes a chart with the English and Hebrew names. There is also a bookmark ribbon.

When do you charge my card?

Your card is charged when your purchase transaction is approved.

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