Often people think their Soul goes to Heaven but that is not the case. The confusion comes from the Greek philosopher Plato whose writings were brought into the Church in the fifth century by Augustine. That definition of Soul as Mind, Will, and Emotions quickly became official Church doctrine and is with us today! The Glossary article on Soul is:

Soul is a word not used often in the One New Man Bible. The Hebrew word Nefesh and the Greek word Psukhei are commonly translated soul, but each word also means Life and is frequently translated Life in the King James Version. The often used meaning of Soul as Mind, Will, and Emotions is from Greek philosophy, having been written by Plato. Greek philosophy was introduced into Christian doctrine by Augustine in the fifth century. In verses where Life is not an appropriate translation, this translation uses Inner Being, Whole Being, or Being. Sometimes the word Soul is used, especially in Psalms, but do not think of soul as only mind, will, and emotions. It does include those, but is much more than those, so expand the word Soul to include the very gift of Life, the breath and vibrancy of your body.

When your body dies your Soul no longer exists. Your Spiritual Body then enters Eternal Life!