Isaiah 53:5 has an unusual twist because the word translated wounds or stripes is listed in modern Hebrew dictionaries with a different meaning. The word is Havurah. The confusion comes because another root, H-V-R, relates to fellowship, so at least one modern English translation used by Orthodox Jewish congregations in the U.S. translates this as fellowship, that we have been healed by fellowship with Him. That is true, because we serve the God of relationship and our relationship with Him is foundational to Godly living and to receiving His blessings. Havurah literally means sore, but stripe(s) or wound(s) are appropriate translations. In Isaiah’s time all his readers understood that as stripes or wounds, but now we see more depth in those words. Havurah is one of very few words in modern Hebrew that differs significantly from the ancient meaning. Still, remember that relationship with Him is what this is all about, a subliminal message in Isaiah 53:5.