Abraham in many Bibles is called a friend of God, but that is not anywhere in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Abraham "who loves God"

Abraham “who loves God”

Isaiah 41:8. “But you, Israel, are My servant; Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham, who loves Me.”

Even some dictionaries and lexicons say that the Hebrew word Ohavi means “my friend,” listing Ohavi as a noun. Ohavi is a verb, present tense, meaning “loves Me.” In 2 Chronicles 20:7. Are You not our God, Who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel and gave it forever to the seed of Abraham, who loves You?

The Hebrew word in this verse is Ohav’kha, a verb meaning “loves You” but again with some dictionaries and lexicons citing Ohav’kha as a noun when it is a verb, present tense. If you see “My friend” or “Your friend,” use whiteout and put in “loves Me” or “loves You.”

(excerpted from the One New Man Bible Companion