One New Man Bible Companion Volume II is a sequel to the One New Man Bible Companion, in a similar pattern, but with all new articles.

Like the Companion Volume 1, this book is a combination of commentary and explanatory articles to accompany the One New Man Bible.

  • All new articles
  • 270 pages
  • 232 all-new indexed subjects.

15 Chapters include

  • Power of God: the Creation, Darkness, God’s power over the Sun’s movement, and miracles in the Bible
  • Heroines of the Bible (sure to be a reader favorite): relates the stories of 38 women who played heroic roles in the Bible narrative
  • Two Valid Interpretations of the Same Scripture Can there be two or more differing interpretations of Scripture? The answer is yes, and this Companion Volume to the One New Man Bible gives examples in the identities of Melchizedek and Abraham’s son Isaac.
  • God’s Sense of Humor – is evident in the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, and Elijah’s cowardly actions right after his greatest victory.
  • Myths of the Bible – this was our readers’ favorite chapter in the first volume of the One New Man Bible Companion. Volume II exposes all new myths of the Bible, including the name of the apostle James, the meaning of Lord’s Prayer and even John 3:16.

Other chapters include

  • Rebellion and Idolatry
  • Do Not Judge
  • Teachings
  • Our Religious Traditions
  • Mysteries of the Bible
  • Jewish roots
  • First Century Israel
  • Faith
  • Orders Given by God
  • Kings of Judah, the Good and the Bad”