One New Man Bible Companion III


All new commentary and insights on the One New Man Bible!


  • 264 pages
  • Prophecies of Israel’s restoration fulfilled!
  • 40 New Myths of the Bible
  • 48 New Teachings that will unlock your understanding of Biblical passages
  • The real meaning of Jewish Roots for Christians
  • What the Bible says about who will go to Heaven and who will go to hell
  • Huge index of Biblical topics
  • and much, much more


  • Chapter One: God is Love
    • In the previous Companions we looked at God the Father and God of Power, so here are some passages showing His Love. The Hebrew word A-H-V means to devote completely to another, so God is completely devoted to YOU.
  • Chapter Two: Special Blessings for Israel:
    • All God’s People are Blessed! Joel speaks of a time when all believers will rejoice.
    • Israel Restored, Prophesied Over and Over so we have seen the beginnings of this Restoration in Our Lifetime.
    • Zechariah Gives Ten Promises
  • Chapter Three: Judgment for Israel
    • Blessings Are Promised for Israel, but Obedience is required
    • Judgment is For Everyone, not just for Israel:
  • Chapter Four Myths
    • 40 new traditional myths of the Bible
  • Chapter Five A Look at Several Characters
    • Insights into Five Biblical Characters
  • Chapter Six Teachings
    • 48 new teachings that will unlock your understanding of Biblical passages.
  • Chapter Seven The Big Challenge Immorality
    • An in-depth look at what the Bible teaches of Immorality
  • Chapter Eight Jewish Roots
    • The real meanings of Jewish Roots for Christians.
  • Chapter Nine Throne of the LORD*
    • Did you know that there is a “Palace of the LORD?” And that God’s Throne is not in the part of the Palace you might imagine?
  • Chapter Ten Are You In or Out
    • What does the Bible say about who will go to Heaven and who will go to hell? Where does scripture say about where you stand?
  • Chapter Eleven Nehemiah’s Amazing Ministry
    • What made Nehemiah’s ministry so relevant for Christians today? This chapter explains.
  • Chapter Twelve Little Known Prophets
    • 24 Prophets you may not know were in the Bible.
  • Chapter Thirteen Tested
    • What does it mean to be “tested” by God?
  • Chapter Fourteen Impossible Miracles
    • These miracles defy the Laws of Physics, but they’re all in the Bible!
  • Chapter Fifteen Reluctant Leaders
    • Some of Israel’s greatest leaders didn’t want their assignment, find out who and why.
  • Chapter Sixteen Attack on the Family
    • This chapter unveils the global attack on the family that threatens the existence of the family.
  • Chapter Seventeen Y’shua’s Parables
    • This chapter explains the hidden meanings in Y’shua’s parables.

Discover passages and characters of the Bible you may have never known were there!

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“This may be the best Companion we’ve published! Thank you, Bill, these keep getting better and better.”

Steve Spillman

Publisher of the One New Man Bible, True Potential